The best way to reduce your power bill is to use less electricity. To work out your power bill, we read your electricity meter. We can’t tell how you use electricity or why your bill is high or low, but we can give you some tips on using less.


Hot Water

Many apartments use gas to heat your water. Others have their own electric hot water cylinders. If your apartment has an electric hot water cylinder, here are some helpful tips;

  • If the hot water is more than 55°C it is too hot, and will be wasting power. If you have a consumer adjustable thermostat on your hot water cylinder it should be set at around 60°C to deliver water at 55°C. If not, do not attempt to change it yourself, call an electrician to adjust the thermostat for you.
  • Have a shorter shower.
  • Make sure your hot water cylinder is not overflowing hot water because of a faulty valve.
  • Use cold water for washing clothes. The cold water detergents works just as well as those requiring hot water.
  • If you prefer to wash your clothes in hot water, wash a full load and set the controls for the right volume.
  • Rinse dishes in the sink with the plug in so you don’t just pour hot water down the drain.
  • Leaking taps waste water. Get them repaired.
  • Fill the electric jug with cold water before boiling.



  • Replace lights with energy-efficient bulbs. They’ll last longer and use less power.
  • Switch the light off when you’re not using it.


Appliances and Computers

When not in use, turn them off. Appliances use power when they are on standby.

  • Switch off your computer monitor when you’re not using it.
  • Turn off the TV at the set, not just the remote.
  • Turn off the washer and drier at the wall.


Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers

These are great for keeping your apartment warm and dry. They can use a lot of power when operating properly and a lot more if they are faulty.

  • Make sure your air conditioner or dehumidifier is properly maintained.


Clothes Dryer

  • Check that your clothes drier is vented and keep the filters clear.
  • Use your clothes drier on a lower setting.


Heated Towel Rails

  • Turn the towel rail off during the day and on again in the evening.
  • Turn the towel rail off when you go on holiday.



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