Would being without power be dangerous for your health?

If you or someone you’re living with;

  • Is dependent on mains electricity for critical medical support (for example, for the use of medical equipment); and
  • The loss of electricity could result in loss of life or serious harm…it’s important that you let us know.

Next steps:

If you think you are medically dependent you can download the form here or phone (09) 302 1500 Or email

Once you’ve told us:

  • We’ll put you on our Medical Dependency Register. As long as you are on this register, we will not disconnect your power.
  • You will need to show us proof of your medical condition or disability within 30 days of being registered (including information about why you need your power to stay connected)
  • We’ll send you a form to fill out which your doctor must then sign.

You will still need to pay your power bills - and we can help you manage this.