Your meter records the power used at your property. Bosco Connect normally reads meters every month. If we are unable to read your meter, we simply generate a reading based on your average power usage over your recent history.

If Bosco is having difficulty accessing your meter, then you can read your meter yourself and provide us with the read number. You may also like to keep track of meter readings yourself.

Below we have some information to help you read your own meter.

The numbers on a meter represent kilowatt hours (or kWh) of electricity used. Kilowatt hours are commonly referred to as units. Here is a look at the different types of meters.


New Meters

  • Car Odometer Style
  • Digital Screen

These types of meters look very much like an odometer in a car or a digital screen. Read the numbers from left to right ignoring zeros in the front and any number that is either coloured red or is above a 1/10 symbol. These different numbers only record tenths or hundredths of a unit, only full units are required for reading.


Old Meters

  • Clock Dial Meter

These meters are referred to as a clock dial meter as the dials look similar to clock faces. Start by reading the dial left which will typically be the 10,000s or 1,000s then read the next dial. When the hand is between two numbers always read the lowest number, even if the number is closest to the highest number read the lowest number. For example, if the hand is between 9 and 8 the read will be 8. If the pointer is between 9 and 0 then consider the 0 to be 10 and the read will be 9.

When the hand is right on a number, for example 8, check the next dial to the right to see if the hand is before or after the 0. If the pointer is before 0 then write down 7 not 8 as shown in the example on the left below.


This meter reads 7976.

This meter reads 47206: the 100’s hand is on the 2 and
the 10’s hand has moved past the 0 so the 100 dial reads 2.