There are nine ways to pay your way Bosco account.


1. Direct Deposit

Simply go to any ASB Bank branch and deposit money in our account using the pre-coded deposit slip on the bottom of your invoice. If you don’t have your invoice, our bank account number is 12-3113-0127212-00. Use this account number when filling in a blank deposit slip and ask the teller to write your account number as a reference so we know that it was you who paid the account.


2. Direct Debit

To set up a direct debit, all you need to do is fill in a direct debit authority form and post it back to us. Phone us on (09) 302-1500 and we’ll post you a direct debit form or download the Bosco Direct Debit & Credit Card Payment Form in PDF format.
Fill it in and return to Bosco, Freepost Bosco, P O Box 9601, Newmarket 1149. Direct debit means we automatically deduct your monthly balance from your bank account. You’ll always receive an invoice approximately 14 days before each payment is deducted, so you have plenty of time to check or query your bill.


3. Credit Card

By registering your credit card details with us, we’ll automatically deduct your monthly balance from your Visa or Mastercard credit card account. This option also keeps your bank fees down and earns you points on any credit card loyalty programme you may belong to.
To set up credit card payments phone us on (09) 302-1500 or use SecurePay to make a secure credit card payment online.

SecurePay Online Credit Card Payments


4. Internet or Phone Banking

If you use online banking services you can add Bosco to your payee options. When you receive your monthly account, you just go online and transfer the amount due from your bank account.


5. Cheque

If you prefer you can simply write out a cheque each month and mail it to us.


6. Automatic Payment

With this option, you authorise your bank to make an automatic payment at regular intervals into your Bosco account (you decide the amount of the payment and the intervals between payments).


7. Smoothed Payment

You may set up an automatic payment with your bank to pay the same amount each month thereby smoothing your payments. This is suitable for residential customers who are experiencing financial difficulties. Prompt payment discounts will be available provided the agreed monthly payment is made. Payments can be varied from time to time in agreement with Bosco to ensure you are not paying too much or too little.


8. Redirection of income

You may request your employer or Work & Income to make weekly or fortnightly automatic bank payments of an amount that will cover your likely monthly amount.



Ways To Pay Your Account